Not Only IP Phones, Also Softphones Are Available

iNetwork Solutions offers VoIP services that improve communication channels over traditional landlines by converting voices into digital signals for transfer through the internet with lower costs and improved options, while providing call routing and IVR to enhance customer service. Additionally, we build and manage the entire network infrastructure, including hardware and cloud servers, to keep all calls recorded and tracked for increased effectiveness in serving customers.


VoIP Features Upgrades Communication to a New Level

Ordinary phones and VoIP systems have many common features, but with the systems, iNetwork Solutions offers, VoIP becomes a better choice for its advanced and superior characteristics. They benefit the business in terms of growth and building stronger relationships with customers.

Efficient Call Management

VoIP systems let your employees manage calls efficiently. They can prioritize inbound calls according to the degree of urgency and put calls on hold. Also, call routing transfers the customers to the right employee who can help them.

Insightful Call Analytics

Softphone apps track calls perfectly in terms of quality. They can determine the session duration, weaknesses in the call, strengths. They also record detailed feedback about your agent's performance, and the contact’s final results.

Interactive Voice Response

IVR or Interactive Voice Response automatically guides your customers to press the correct buttons to achieve their call goals. It’s an effective interaction that builds a real-time voice menu. IVR makes helping customers easier

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