Our Data Center Design Includes All Essential Parameters

iNetwork Solutions delivers full design of the data center system’s layout, including IT components and network infrastructure. We start with a concept design so that you can visualize its details to be perfectly implemented by our experts. Whether you need to establish a new IT business environment from scratch or seeking development, we cover both functions. Not only do we consider computational parameters in our design, but also non-computational ones. That’s why you find in the proposed network layout the number and type of required servers and equipment. Besides, you observe the physical facility sheltering equipment, the data center power supply, cooling systems, physical data center security, etc.

DCIM Solutions DCIM Solutions
DCIM Solutions DCIM Solutions

Your Business Deserves a Well-Designed Data Center

We help you establish a high-efficiency data center to help employees collaborate and serve customers as they expect. iNetwork Solutions designs data centers to be considered a major asset in your business that you can rely on. Our conceptual design, layout, and space planning take into account two major components of data center facilities and infrastructure.


A data center facility is a structure where the infrastructure is installed. Through facility design, we manage space, power, cooling, and security to create from these factors top tier choices.

Always Leaving Room for Growth in Our Data Center Design

When we put in a new design, we make sure that you have enough space for network expansion. We also optimally manage space to assure smooth airflow that naturally keeps the data center cool. This space can also be used for any additional cooling units, whether air ventilation systems or water cooling units.


IT equipment is the infrastructure that is directly responsible for delivering services and operating applications. In our design, we determine components, like storage, networking, racks, etc.

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