Accurate Testing Leads to Better Performance Results

To evaluate your network capability in transmitting data, Fluke test is adopted. It verifies the performance degree of the installed twisted-pair cabling links. iNetwork Solutions performs this test on installing new cables or troubleshooting existing ones. Ethernet cables are supposed to work properly on installation. However, skipping the testing step might lead to downtimes resulting in wasted time and financial resources. Network Cable Testers discover failures like crosstalk, return loss, and shield faults and display them graphically. It delivers the test insights in the form of a report that can be stored and accessed anytime for review. This helps you compare results of the Fluke test for the same cable across the years. There are numerous tests that can be implemented, like patch cord testing, channel testing, and jack to jack testing.

Test Fluke Test Fluke
Test Fluke Test Fluke

Easily Detect Problems Found in Network Cable

A Fuke tester discovers the major reasons for data weakening, loss, or corruption, regardless of the complexity of the Ethernet installation. By recognizing issues in the cables, solutions can be introduced.


Signal weakening or loss is mostly caused by the increased length of the cable, increased frequency, or excessive temperatures


When an electric signal intersects with the sender’s signal, this produces noise. It can be caused by external or internal sources.


Electrical signal delay can develop due to the extensive cable length, narrow bandwidth, elevated latency, or high temperature.

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