Fiber Cables Are a Leap Toward Development

iNetwork Solutions always seeks the advanced elements that make your business grow faster. Data transfers through fiber optic cables in the form of light pulses, which are more rapid than electric pulses in copper cables. Now, any data you need is easy to receive, regardless of distance and environment. Fiber optic cables have features that are not found in copper cables and also take a longer path to become a more advanced choice. These kinds of cables have flexible characteristics that made them be utilized on the internet, cable TV, telephone, computer networking, medical services, lighting, mechanical checks, and the automotive industry.

Fiber Fiber
Fiber Fiber

The Top Fiber Optic Cables in Egypt Are Now Yours!

Whether you need to transmit data and voice signals over short distances or need to use cables for long-distance communication systems, iNetwork Solutions always cover your tailored needs.

Single-Mode Cable Systems

With unlimited bandwidth capacity and faster data transmission, a single glass fiber strand can carry data thousands of kilometers with the least data loss.

Multi-Mode Cable Systems

With their lower bandwidth and relatively slower data transmission compared to single mode, multimode cable systems seem perfect for security systems and LANs.


Despite its lightweight, a fiber optic cable can bear a pulling force of 11.34 kg, and a pressure of 90.72 kg. This makes fiber suitable for LAN establishment

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