Data Center Fire Fighting Is a Safeguard Against Hazards

Power surges can produce fire flames that damage cables, raised floors, suspended ceilings, and other heat conductors in data centers. By protecting your data center from fire, downtimes are eliminated and work continues without any obstacles. We help you get the big picture of firefighting systems to protect your data center. Our experts put complete protection plans. They start by protecting the building as a whole, then look closer into IT rooms' safety, and racks’ fire resistance. In addition to water sprinklers, we install gas fire fighting systems that are practical and efficient. Whether by decreasing oxygen levels present in the room or absorbing the fire heat, the fire will go down.

Fire Fighting Fire Fighting
Fire Fighting Fire Fighting

Providing All Data Center Fire Protection Elements

To scale down fire possibilities, we deliver all data center fire protection elements. They prevent fires from happening, notify you in case a flame starts to develop, interact with it, and manage recovery.

Fire Mitigation

An electrical fire can develop because of a loose connection. Using infrared rays, scanning, or imaging cameras, you can easily detect unsafe cables.

Fire Detection

Smoke detection systems help you discover flames before they develop into big fires. Early notification helps you use simpler tools like fire extinguishers.

Fire Suppression

We offer gas fire fighting systems. They use clean agents to absorb heat or inert gases that reduce oxygen levels. Also, water sprinklers are provided.

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