We Deliver Switches Just as Your Business Demands

iNetwork Solutions support your departments in collaborating by sharing files, transferring data, and working on the same projects. Through network switches we provide, local geographic areas are ideally served. They enable internet protocols to share information over a local area network (LAN). We deliver network switches with the highest data transmission speeds, reaching 10 billion bits per second. We also deliver switches with fewer rates of data transfer, including 100Mbps and 1 Gbps. Depending on the number of employees in your business, we guide you to a suitable number of ports. Based on the transmission distances, we recommend the type of ports, whether they’re optical or electrical.

Switch Switch
Switch Switch

Get Seamless Data Transfer Without Network Lag

Ports receive data packets when switches keep track of plugged-in devices accessing the network. We also deliver switches that enable a user to manage several computers from the same console. A KVM switch is ideal for using the same keyboard, mouse, or monitor across multiple computers.


A switch can control network access, improving business security. This happens centrally from the same point.


Seamless Data transfer and communication between devices on the same network occur through switches.


Your business’s critical data is always available through a well-operated network switch. Uptime is ideal.

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