A Single Phase UPS Is Full Protection From Power Outages

APC single-phase UPS, which we provide from Schneider Electric, are lightweight and small IT power solutions due to their reliable and simple design. It offers your organization the greatest levels of uptime, lowers total cost of ownership (TCO), and increases energy efficiency. Single-phase UPS devices are suitable for smaller data centers and edge computing installations, enhancing robustness in rack-mounted servers, telecommunications, or on-premise IT systems.

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A Three-Phase UPS Puts an End to Voltage Variation Outcomes

iNetworks Solutions offers three-phase UPS systems that provide optimum availability and dependability. We provide uninterruptible power supply solutions that are high-efficiency, fully integrated, and end-to-end secure for your enterprise-wide networks, data centers, mission-critical systems, and industrial manufacturing processes.

An Authorized Service Center

As an authorized service center for Schneider Electric, iNetwork Solutions seeks to facilitate internal business operations for its clients through IT solutions.

Certified Team

Our certified team has the knowledge and experience to meet the specifications your business should have.

Sufficient Support

We deliver sufficient support by providing repair and maintenance of your UPS, with the needed spare parts and offering the right recommendations.

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