A Well-Engineered UPS That Never Lets You Down

High-performance APC three-phase UPS lets your business have the benefits of a first-class power supply. At iNetwork Solutions, we rely not only on the IT equipment we provide but also on our experiences and skills, which we use to assist you. From pre-sales and design through final testing and after-sales service, everything is adapted to your exact requirements.

Three-Phase UPS Three-Phase UPS
Three-Phase UPS Three-Phase UPS

Regular Maintenance of UPS Will Extend Its Service Life

Improving UPS reliability is an aim that iNetwork Solutions succeeds to achieve. We apply the most effective practices for maintaining and operating your UPS. A request for a malfunction is perfectly handled by our technical support team.

UPS Installation

We verify that UPS systems and batteries are properly installed and working. A visual examination, a functional check, and a battery discharge test are the primary tasks.

UPS Maintenance

To ensure the safe and reliable operation of UPS systems, we perform preventive maintenance, which entails visual and functional checks that keep UPS working right.

Spare Parts

We replace failed and expired components to ensure the continued operation of the UPS. They include fuses, critical spares, and parts with limited operational lives.

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