Install Wireless Solutions Customized for Your Business

iNetwork Solutions provides customized Wi-Fi solutions for businesses, optimizing connectivity coverage for maximum performance and security. Our efficient and effective wireless solutions benefit all departments and sections, ensuring objectives are met after deployment. We deliver tailored budget plans that provide safe and operative network access, ensuring reliability and high functionality. We do not only invest our efforts in the foundation stage, but we also provide support in case of troubleshooting and maintenance requirements. Our solid knowledge and wide experience guide you to the right Wi-Fi options.

Wireless Wireless
Wireless Wireless

Can’t Ignore Monitoring Wireless Solutions

If an access point is missing or isn't functioning properly, you might experience poor connectivity performance. Also, adding an unauthorized access point might affect performance. Monitoring makes you aware of major metrics of wireless solutions.

Bandwidth Analysis

We analyze your network bandwidth to identify any bottlenecks or areas of improvement.

Performance Diagnosis

Our team diagnoses access point performance issues to ensure that your network is running at peak efficiency.

IP Address Detection

We detect unauthorized IP addresses on your network and provide solutions to enhance your network security.

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