We Deliver Racks That Are Integrated Supporting for All Network Components

Network cabinets are not just safe closets that keep your network’s hardware devices safe, but also deliver the structured cabling system high-quality service, preserving its sustainability and increasing its lifetime with no need for maintenance. They deliver numerous benefits to your local network.

Network Cabinets Network Cabinets
Network Cabinets Network Cabinets

We Offer Different Forms of Network Cabinets Your Business May Require

You might be searching for your first rack to buy or another rack to add to your network. iNetwork Solutions provides you with a suitable cabinet design.

Rack-Mount Enclosures

As they’re mounted on the floor, rack-mount enclosures are suitable for heavy equipment storage. The Doors at the front and rear are removable.

Open-Frame Racks

It’s the right choice in case there’s no need to control airflow. Open-frame racks should be used at places where physical security is available.

Wall-Mount Rack Cabinets

For their smaller sizes, wall-mount rack cabinets fit in places that regular racks might not fit in. They’re either enclosed or opened.

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