We Deliver Physical and Logical Data Center Access Control

Access control basically depends on the policies you apply in your company. Based on these regulations, you can select the most suitable physical and logical data center access control. Through physical access solutions, certain individuals will be authorized to enter data centers according to their physical identity. While logical access control is more attentive to digital accessibility through defined protocols and encrypted data.

Access Control Access Control
Access Control Access Control

Don’t Miss the Benefits You Can Have Through Access Controls

iNetwork Solutions helps you protect your network against intruders by providing efficient data center access control. Reducing cybersecurity threats is easier by implementing access controls. Regardless of your data volume and business size, we deliver access controls that suit every case. The accessibility of racks in data centers is also significantly influenced by access control security. Aside from preventing unauthorized activities, data center access control enables multiple functions, such as finance, human resources, and sales, to run on a single server while remaining isolated from one another.

Higher Productivity

User credential security is made simpler by access management. Increased productivity results from giving the right employees access from anywhere at any time.


Effective management of accessibility helps employees, but it also helps partners, suppliers, and contractors achieve collaboration that results in more revenue.

Unified Control System

Regulated Authentication reduces the risk of internal and external threats. This makes all your data and files stored and controlled in one central system.

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