iNetwork Solutions Delivers All Forms of Backup Solutions

When the system goes down, a lot of time is consumed and productivity is heavily affected. To protect your business from these technical issues. iNetwork Solutions provides HPC backup solutions that keep your data safe on the cloud. Whenever an emergency or a catastrophic event happens, the HPC cloud offers an immediate recovery. If you have a 24/7 operating business with working employees around the clock, this makes a hot backup perfect. Also, if your employees have certain hours they’re offline, a steady cold backup is more suitable. We offer solutions that perform both online and offline backups to achieve the safe and optimized recovery you need.

Backup Backup
Backup Backup

Cloud HPC Backup Solutions Comply With Heavy Workload

Using a dispersed storage system through cloud HPC backup solutions keeps data always rapidly retrievable and provides backup & archive tier site-level flexibility. We also provide effectively limitless scaling and capacity, allowing off-site storage without the management overheads.

Organizational Agility

The agility that cloud HPC backup solutions provide leads to faster product upgrading. This also allows your team to cover concurrently day-to-day tasks rapidly with no obstacles or downtimes.

Capacity for Massive Workloads

Cloud-based HPC makes retrieving heavily analyzed data regardless of its complexity possible. It is simpler to store and restore data while running machine learning algorithms like processing terabytes of data for analytics.

High-Performance Access

The clustered file system, which could be provided with the HPC cloud, stores data across multiple networked servers. Retrieving a file doesn’t require the user to know the physical location of the data blocks.

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