Optimize IT Workloads With Data Center Infrastructure

Your data center is the arsenal where your business stores, backs up, and recovers data. We provide an effective data center by balancing the facility spaces and the equipment they accommodate. We protect your applications and software solutions from being hacked by providing firewall hardware solutions. So, the data center elements don’t only safeguard hardware, but also software.

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Choose Wisely Every Data Center Infrastructure Element

Data center infrastructure guarantees a temperature-controlled IT environment and is protected against electrical fires. Our professional experts help you establish a data center with the correct standards based on the right elements. It accepts and denies individual entries by applying their face recognition or identity. Also, we help you get a 360 instant overview of the data center. iNetworks Solutions provides you with all elements your center infrastructure needs.

Data Center Design

We design all facility elements of a data center to optimally manage space, power, temperature, and security. Our design also encloses the details of data center infrastructure, storage, networking, servers, racks, backups, and security.

DCIM Solutions

What if you had a solution that detected an incident before it became worse? A DCIM lets you monitor your data center infrastructure through real-time management features. It achieves security and a more stable IT environment.

Fire Fighting Systems

The data center firefighting detection systems we deliver notify you whenever smoke is produced. They also prevent flames from spreading through optimum techniques and advanced water and gas fire suppression solutions.

Data Center Access Control Develops a Secure Network
Manage Data Center Emitted Heat by Cooling System
We Model Tailored Data Center Architecture for Your Business
We Cover All Levels of Data Center Fire Protection
Carry Your Data Center Elements on a Solid Raise Floor
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